Galway tripDublin, Summer 2012

Last weekend, around 30-40 of the IES students went on a trip to Galway. I had not initially planned to go on the trip through the program, but I went the same weekend and meet up with the other students each evening.

During my first day in Galway, I spent the majority of the time getting a feel for the city and meeting as many people as I could in the Hostel. There was a great vibe all around from everyone that I met and the places that I visited. Great ‘craic’ as the Irish would say.

I met up with friends for our first night in the city and after hopping around a few pubs we ended at the Quays, a pub that had been highly recommended by my hostel-mates, and we spent the remainder of the night listening to an awesome local band.

The first day trip from Galway was to the largest Aran Island, Inishmore. Getting to the island involved an hour-long bus ride and a 45 min ferry. The weather was poor, but we took a bus tour that still allowed us to get a feel for the island.

On Sunday, I went with another tour group to the Ailwee cave, Galway countryside, and the cliffs of Moher. The bus driver, PJ, was a cheerful old Irish man and talked the whole time about the history and stories of the area. He must have told the group 50 times how lucky we were to get such good weather. There are apparently days where the cliffs are nearly impossible to see because of the weather and fog. The day was a blast, and every stop was stunning. The gallery included will give a taste of Galway’s breathtaking beauty.

Only three weekends left! I can’t believe how fast the time is going!


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  1. The Aran Islands – located in Galway Bay , Situated at the mouth of Galway bay. It is beautiful destination for one day trip . Nice pics .. Thanks for sharing Galway trip .

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