First (sunny) day wandering around DublinDublin, Summer 2012

Riding in the cab from the IES center to the apartment, I heard on the radio that Dublin was expected to get a month of rain in the next two days. It must have been damn close if not, because we had plenty of it.

The weather was perfect on Saturday, and I headed out to get a better baring on the city.

First stop: my internship. I am about a mile away from James Adam & Sons, the arts auctioneer where I will be working. The walk is tailed well to my directional ability. About 2 turns, lots of walking straight, and you can’t miss it on the left. I should be good for making it there on my first day tomorrow.

There is a gym between the apartment and work that I decided to check out. Its in a very cool historic building that used to be a bathhouse. They have a great set-up: weights, cardio, a pool, sauna, hot tub, and classes are included in the membership. After the lady showing me around cut me a great deal for my student budget, I was sold. I have no doubt that this will be a great place to head after work.

Right across the street from James Adam & Sons is a park with fountains, a lake, people of all sorts, and some of the most overfed birds. I grabbed a coffee and lunch and parked it on a bench for a couple of hours reading and meeting new people.

Living the dream. I am extremely excited for the rest of my time here!

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